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      About Us

      Wheatland Society of Arts was incorporated in November of 1986 and has provided various visual arts opportunities
      ever since. Originally it was limited to small sets of classes for adults only; however, from the very beginning the vision
      was to secure a studio space and offer a wide range of visual arts instruction. Dedicated volunteers managed to hold the
      Art Society together until late in 2016 when we secured a studio space to call home.
      In January of 2017, the grand opening of Wheatland Society of Arts Studio and Gallery was the beginning of the long
      awaited new chapter for the WSA and the original vision began to build. A tiny gallery was part of the facility for a short
      while but currently the space is strictly an art studio. Through endless volunteer hours and the generosity and support of
      the community, the WSA has grown into a thriving hub of visual art activity. What we do is largely possible because of
      the continued support and funding from Town of Strathmore and Wheatland County and there are many local groups
      and individuals that deserve our deepest gratitude as well.
      In addition to operating in Strathmore, we hire instructors locally as much as possible, seek and welcome new
      volunteers, offer ‘out-of-studio’ and private event options, and collaborate with other groups.
      In the summer of 2023 we were pleased to host the Grand Opening of the Wheatland Society of Arts Pottery Studio in
      the space immediately adjacent to the art studio.
      Our vast programming options offer something for all ages, all abilities, and all the demographic groups we can possibly
      accommodate. From preschool to seniors, free to expensive, individual instruction to huge intergenerational classes,
      skilled talent to those with disabilities, and much more . . . we have something for everyone.
      Much advancement has been made in the awareness of the benefits of art to social and mental well-being. We play our
      part to address this need. Our motto ‘ART FOR ALL’ is the underlying driving force as we strive to serve Strathmore
      and Wheatland County.

      With advancements in the awareness of the benefits of art on social and mental well-being, WSA maintains a strong focus on specialty programs to encompass all ages and all demographics by offering a vast selection of programing at extremely low cost.

      All this is offered in addition to more intense regular priced adult and youth classes (including summer camps). Additional offerings include maintaining a small gallery, increasing collaborations with other non-profit groups, and developing an expanding presence in Strathmore and Wheatland County – including art displays in local businesses, taking art classes to other locations, and participating in many community events.

      We are excited to start some mural projects that will involve the community and county; as well as develop arts programs to take out into the villages of Wheatland County.

      Our motto: “ART FOR ALL – no Exceptions!” is the underlying driving force as we strive to serve Strathmore and all those in Wheatland County. Wheatland Society of Arts is extremely grateful for your support!!