Trees and Foliage Workshop With Yulia Tsinko (Adult and 16+)

Time: to

Trees and Foliage Workshop
With Yulia Tsinko
Saturday March 25th
Time: 10-4 pm

Cost: $80 for members ($95 for non-members)

Trees are the most fascinating yet intimidating elements of a landscape painting. This workshop is going to demystify them for you as we do a deep dive into all things trees. Trees and foliage is designed as an all-levels workshop. The instructor will discuss both basic principles and more technical aspects of tree painting that will be of interest to more advanced painters, but all topics will be broken down into simple concepts with beginners in mind. The workshop will cover:
• simplifying complex shapes
• basic tree shape principles
• individual trees vs tree groups in the distance
• lights and shadows or how to make your trees look 3-dimensional
• colour theory as it relates to trees
• gesture, or how to make your tree look interesting
• mark-making as it relates to foliage
• most common mistakes in painting trees
Participants will be doing several small studies to practice the above principles and a final painting at the end to apply everything they’ve learned.

All supplies will be available at the studio, but please bring your own as well – to learn to best utilize what you already have.